The Housecats

As part of my UWE MA in Wildlife Filmmaking, I made a short film about private tiger ownership in a place where captive tigers vastly outnumber those in the wild – the United States of America. The film explores the lives of these tigers and the people who care for them. Could a new law help end this trade forever?

Recognition for The Housecats:

  • Winner of Best Wildlife Crime/Trade film at the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2020.
  • Winner of a Gold Remi Award at the 54th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival 2020.
  • Winner of a Gold Award at the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards 2020.
  • Winner of an Award of Merit in the Best Shorts Competition 2020.
  • Semi-Finalist at the Sunday Shorts Film Festival 2019.
  • Semi-Finalist at the Short To The Point Film Festival 2019.
  • Official Selection for the Young Talent award at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2020
  • Official Selection at the Godollo Nature Film Festival 2020.
  • Official Selection at the Green Screen Environmental Film Festival (T&T) 2020.
  • Official Selection at the 36th annual Festival Du Cinéma Européen 2020. 
  • Official Selection at the London Lift-Off Global Network online event 2020.
  • Official Selection at the Indie Short Fest Los Angeles 2019.
  • Official Selection at the Four Seasons Film Festival 2020.

Self-shot on Sony FS5 and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro.

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